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Cold Heart

Cold Heart by Chandler McGrew centers around Micky Ascherfeld, a young Houston cop whose life has been shadowed by tragedy since she was a teen. Her parents were murdered in front of her by a robbery gone wrong, then she finds herself and her partner/lover, Wade Smith, at the mercy of a Kevlar-clothed madman in an armored truck, loaded to the gills with high-powered weapons while toting a serious grudge against cops. After grave physical and emotional injury, she decides to go visit her dear friend and former psychiatrist, Damon, in Cold Heart, Alaska where he is now living, having given up his practice to mine for gold. Mickey never thought she'd stay...

As it turns out, Cold Heart was just what she needed. In her tiny cabin, she can try to forget her violent and tragic past, while focusing on her talent for making stained glass art, a side of her she didn't get much chance to explore while fighting crime. Most of the people there are great, keeping to themselves while still being friendly. Local store owners Clive and Rita Cabel keep everyone stocked up on supplies, while quiet and timid widow Terry Glorianus and her teen-aged daughter Dawn mostly keep to themselves. Marty and Stan are another pair of gold miners who act like a cross between The Odd Couple and The Honeymooners, always fussing and complaining about the way each other mine, while Aaron is the man who owns the cabin Micky stays in and he's a crusty old coot who prefers the company of himself to anyone else, well, except for Micky. Finally, there's Eldred "El" Hoskins, the local wild card. He's a quiet, thin man who walks around in mirrored sunglasses with a large gun strapped to his hip and everyone in town is just waiting for the day he snaps and goes crazy. And then he does.

Once El begins his rampage, no one is safe and, as the bodies begin to pile up, Micky realizes that she might just be the only person who can stop him. Can she face her past fears when she realizes that there is more at stake than merely her own safety, or will she fall victim to El's murderous spree? More importantly, what set him off to begin with and are more dangers lurking about than just El?

Cold Heart is a riveting thriller, where each quick chapter focuses on a different person. It's this quick-paced kind of writing that I always enjoyed in James Patterson's novels and Cold Heart is no different. I actually read it on vacation in a cabin and it was the perfect summer read - if you are into suspense. I thoroughly enjoyed Cold Heart, just as I did Chandler McGrew's Blind Spot, and can't wait to read more of his work. If you are looking for an edge-of-your-seat book to take on vacation, snag Cold Heart for sure.

-Psibabe, GameVortex Communications
AKA Ashley Perkins

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