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Voltron: From Days of Long Ago (A Thirtieth Anniversary Celebration)

Publisher: Viz Media

Dah duh-duh dah, duh-da-dah... seven simple notes that set the hearts of children racing all across America back in the 80s. Voltron: Defender of the Universe was a smash-hit back in its day (now 30 years ago!) and, since then, has resurfaced in new forms to the delight of its fans.

If you're a fan of Voltron, like me, you'll find lots of interesting information, from the story of how the show came about, to descriptions of the toys and merchandise, to what there is of the back-story legend of how Voltron came to be. Voltron: From Days of Long Ago: A Thirtieth Anniversary Celebration reveals the origins of the show, how it came about and how the iconic lion-based Voltron was the result of a happy accident, or as it's referred to in the book, "the best mistake to ever happen to '80s cartoons."

You'll also find details on all of the weapons used by Voltron (and the lions that comprise him), including the upgrades that were introduced in Voltron: The Third Dimension. There is also a section with bios and stats for all of the Voltron pilots, Voltron Force Cadets and even King Alfor, the Castle of Lions and, yes, even the Space Mice.

One chapter, "The Universe," has bios on the various planets depicted in the series, from Earth to Balto to Ebb, as being part of the Galaxy Alliance. Meanwhile, the Drule Empire is addressed in great detail in its very own chapter, "A New and Horrible Menace." This chapter includes a section called the Army of Robeasts, with fourteen pages of mini-bios with the height, weight, weapons list and description for each of the included Robeasts, along with a picture to help you recognize the baddie in question.

While Voltron: From Days of Long Ago is primarily focused on the Lions, there are mentions here and there, where appropriate, as well as coverage of the vehicle-based Voltron in the toys and merchandise chapter, there is one chapter devoted to the vehicular Voltron: "Voltron was Needed Once More." The very end of the book features an Epilogue that is done as a graphic novel, which sets up the return of Haggar in Voltron: The Third Dimension.

Voltron: From Days of Long Ago: A Thirtieth Anniversary Celebration is informative, entertaining and filled with photos, sketches and other Voltron artwork. (Oh, and the image doesn't do the cover justice; the name isn't in white, but it silver foil, both on the front and on the spine.) This is a perfect gift for fans of Voltron with coffee tables, and a great addition to the library of anyone who is nostalgic about the 80's. Highly recommended.

-Geck0, GameVortex Communications
AKA Robert Perkins

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