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GetFisk: Pirate Lair

Publisher: Potboiler, LLC

GetFisk: Pirate Lair is the second short novel in the GetFisk series and surrounds the taking of one of Fisk's ships by Somali pirates. First, a little background - Fisk is rumored to be the most powerful man in non-governmental circles. He's very rich and has a crack team of beautiful people in his employ. His go-to asskicker is Carlos Madrid, once a Spanish athlete, now the main muscle behind Fisk's organization. When he wants something done, he sends Carlos. When he wants something done with distraction, he sends Tarita Lee, beautiful French Polynesian action movie star and former Olympiad. She and Carlos work well together, but have a love-hate-lust thing going on.

So the story begins when one of Fisk's oil tankers is hijacked by a group of Somali pirates. Fisk decides to send Tarita and Carlos in as bait on a grand yacht in the hopes they'd be taken for ransom and he could not only get his tanker back, but also a handy amount of payback. That is Fisk's way. The pirates naturally fall for the bait, as who can resist a clearly wealthy pair of beautiful people who should bring a tidy ransom. Things don't go as planned, however, for Carlos and Tarita, or for the pirates and their superiors.

What makes the GetFisk series different is the fact that you can read it on your tablet device and the story is written in short bursts, with links throughout, as well as static images in the vein of a graphic novel and short video clips. This concept intrigued me because I read a book called Level 26 a few years ago by Anthony Zuiker of CSI fame that did something... similar, sort of. Buried within the hardcover book were links so you could go online and watch clips and get extra info. It wasn't required, but added a little something. I figured the GetFisk novels would be the next step. Just click a link on your tablet and you have it right there. While the concept is intriguing, I found GetFisk: Pirate Lair to be a bit dull and contrived, to be honest. The story was just ok and the characters just weren't believable or really even likeable, at least to me. While it is a fast read, there's just not a lot of depth to the story or characters and I found that you could take or leave the video clips. They just didn't add much to the story.

Overall, I don't think the GetFisk series is for me. While I love a quick read with machine-gun text and tons of action, GetFisk: Pirate Lair wasn't it. I'll have to stick with James Patterson and Andrew Gross for my fix.

-Psibabe, GameVortex Communications
AKA Ashley Perkins

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