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The Botticelli Affair

The Botticelli Affair is the story of Laila Cambridge, former renowned art forger, now a shell of a woman longing for the return of her father, Robert, who vanished some five years before. She never knew how or why her father simply disappeared, but it left her mother a broken woman and Laila and her brother assumed he was dead. Then a tall, dark and handsome stranger enters Laila's life offering her the glimmer of hope that her father is still alive. It doesn't hurt that this mysterious man, John Bolingbroke, is incredibly attractive and Laila's no slouch herself, being a voluptuous, 6 foot tall flaming redhead with an attitude to match.

It appears a coven of vampires is desperately seeking a mysterious Botticelli painting and Laila's father might be the key to finding it. The crazy thing is, art historians aren't even quite sure if the painting ever truly existed, but to find it would be quite a feat, as da Vinci is rumored to have collaborated on it with Botticelli. Could Laila possibly finally have some good luck come her way and find her father and the painting? If she has any hope of either, she'll have to not only team up with the enigmatic Bolingbroke, who drives her wild with desire but won't succumb to her wiles, but she'll also have to delve into a life she gave up long ago - her old life as an art forger. Traveling around the world and seeing old contacts from her previous life stir up conflicting emotions for her, since she gave that life up so long ago, but it still pulls at her. Her best friend, Fern, and Laila's mother, an acclaimed artist in her own right, will have to keep Laila grounded so she can hopefully find the missing painting and her father, before the greedy and murderous vampires get there first. But in the meantime, can she hold onto her heart with John Bolingbroke by her side?

The Botticelli Affair is a fun romp through the world of vampires, art history and forgery. Laila can be a bit much at first, but she is a fun character with interesting personal flaws and John Bolingbroke makes for a dreamy, mysterious love interest. You'll find danger, mystery, romance and art history galore in The Botticelli Affair and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I wouldn't mind a sequel because I'd be interested to see what Laila is up to these days...

-Psibabe, GameVortex Communications
AKA Ashley Perkins

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