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Children of the Uprising

Children of the Uprising is the third and final installment in Trevor Shane's series, the Children of Paranoia and it focuses mainly on Christopher, Joseph and Maria's son. While the previous book, Children of the Underground, included Christopher in small parts of the book, his story really begins to unfold here on his 18th birthday.

While Christopher was always a paranoid child and spent his youth practicing different martial arts with his best friend Evan, he never knew what he was preparing himself for, until the day "They" came for him. Members of the opposite side of The War tried to kill Christopher and his well-practiced skills protected him. Before long, members of the Underground sought him out for the purpose of fueling an Uprising that they hoped would finally bring The War to an end. Christopher was a fabled child whose parents had died as a result of The War and he was well known by both sides. The reader is once again reunited with characters from previous books such as Addy, the aforementioned Evan, Reggie and a few more surprises along the way. Reggie hopes that Christopher will inspire groups around the world so that they can unite to take down The War's Intelligence Centers and in doing so, remove the reason for The War. Since no one really knows why it started at this point, removing the data containing the "who, what and where they are" would effectively grind the war machine to a halt. While they wanted Christopher as a figurehead, they never realized just how much he would come to care about the outcome.

I enjoyed Children of the Uprising, just not as much as the previous two books. It starts out really strong, bouncing between Christopher's experiences and those of Addy and Evan, but then the book starts tossing in small chapters on the other members of the Uprising all around the world and it's a bit disconcerting, especially since we really won't know who those characters are until much later in the book. While it had a good ending, I just didn't find myself as riveted as I had with the previous books, but what's a trilogy without an ending, right? I will say this - shortly after I began reading Children of the Underground, I had a real forehead-smacking moment when I realized something about the characters' names. I had a similar one after completing Children of the Uprising with some other characters in this book. If you know what I am referring to, then you know exactly what I mean and if you don't, well send me a message on Game Vortex's contact page and I will gladly tell you, but I don't want to ruin it for those who haven't yet read the series. Suffice it to say, I see what you did there Trevor Shane. ;)

I am sad to see this series come to an end and I really enjoy Trevor Shane's writing style. I hope he has other thrilling ideas bouncing around in that head of his because I am waiting for a new series that is just as fast-paced as the Children of Paranoia series.

-Psibabe, GameVortex Communications
AKA Ashley Perkins

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