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Far Shore (Book 3 in the After Series)

Publisher: Parvati Press

Far Shore is the third book in author Traci. L. Slatton's After series and just like the previous two books, it's a non-stop roller coaster ride of action, betrayal, lust, violence, horror and redemption. Far Shore begins with Emma living back at home with her husband Haywood, his mother and her two daughters, Mandy and Beth. All is not well, though, as the task of trying to get Beth back from the ruthless Russian Alexei and his raiders has taken its toll on Haywood. His hair is now white and he eyes Emma with caution as she clearly dreams of Arthur and is a bit vocal about it in her sleep. The "happy" family is also disturbed by the arrival of Emma's old friends Theo, Nwokocha and Brendan who have come to enlist her help in rescuing Arthur, who was captured by Alexei and his men following Emma and Beth's escape. Even though Haywood forbids her to leave, Emma can't stand the idea of Arthur, her true beloved, being tortured by his sworn enemy and she forsakes her family to help free him.

The group heads out of Outpost City, all the while Alexei somehow plagues Emma's dreams with his terms for Arthur's release Arthur can go, but she must stay and be his. Despite this horrifying concept, Arthur's rescue is surprisingly easy, although he is near death. The group splits up with Emma and a broken and dying Arthur heading one way and the rest, the other way in the hopes of meeting up again in six months. Emma is determined to heal Arthur, since he is the only person alive who has any control over the mists, but her healing power doesn't seem to be working the way it used to. When she finally is able to make a difference for him, he isn't the same mentally and she is faced with Alexei interrupting her at a reclusive cabin she has made into a temporary home for her and what's left of Arthur. Once again, Alexei has a bargain for Emma, but this time it could mean permanent freedom and safety from him for both Emma and Arthur. Can she make a deal with the devil one more time and survive?

Far Shore is, just like its predecessors in the After series, a great read. As I approached the end of the book, I found myself a little panicky at the thought of the end of the series. For whatever reason, I was thinking After was a trilogy and was quite relieved to see Far Shore was set up for another book. I love the characters and the post-apocalyptic universe that Traci Slatton has created in the After series and I enjoy seeing where their lives go in this strange and dangerous new world. Keep 'em coming Traci!

-Psibabe, GameVortex Communications
AKA Ashley Perkins

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