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Candleman: Alone in the Dark

It looks like a unique platformer is coming to Xbox One, and the main character takes the form of a walking candle. This poor little guy seems to be lost or something, and the path that he is on is dark (both literally and figuratively). It appears that the Candleman is abandoned on a desolate ship; likely in the cargo hold. His flame burns strong, but it can only light so much of the path before he needs some help.

Candleman is indie developer Spotlightor Interactive’s take on a themed platformer that stresses lighting as its main hook to players. The Candleman has the ability to light his wick on fire at will, but at the caution that his life force will quickly melt away as his wax depletes. With a limited amount of burning time, this little guy needs to force his way through isolated, damp areas of limited light. At the end of each level is a light that the Candleman is always seeking.

Within the levels, there are also landmark candles that can help light the way if the Candleman has enough spark left in him to light them. Their limited range plays a part in the almost eerie feeling of the game, though, and helps offer a fun aspect to the gameplay. They also serve as a "collection" aspect of the game. It appears that lighting all of them offers players a bit more information in the story by way of an unlockable text snippet as well. These candles, however, won’t always shine a light over the path fully, so the Candleman still needs to use his light sparingly.

With simple controls, relatively linear levels, and the visual and audio atmosphere that lends itself to feeling the emotional state of the isolated candle, Candleman appears to be an interesting game that begs gamers to dive deeper. There is a story that goes along with the game as well, and players unlock bits and pieces through each successful completion of working his way through the darkness. If the entire game plays like the first few levels, Candleman may just be something to consider if you are looking for a game that is familiar, but offers a relatively unique gameplay perspective.

-Woody, GameVortex Communications
AKA Shane Wodele

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