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World of Tanks - (Nice) Daily Login Bonuses

Company: Wargaming.net
Product: World of Tanks

You've probably heard the terms "Pay to play" and "Free to play - pay to win." Well, World of Tanks is a free to play online tank simulator for the PC (see review link below). And, yes, there are things you can pay for to do better in the game, but you can play... and enjoy the game... without paying money in. Of course, the nice folks at Wargaming.net would prefer that the players enjoy the game a lot and decide to devote their entertainment time... and money... to the game, but it can sometimes be discouraging if you don't have a lot of funds to throw around.

So, in the spirit of "first one's free," World of Tanks is giving some (fairly amazing) Daily Login Bonuses for the next TWO MONTHS. Now through Friday, May 8th (4:20 AM PDT), simply login and you will get 50,000 coins in your account. Not only that, you can even earn Equipment, Premium time and Premium tanks - again, just for logging in.

If you reach 30 days of playing during the event, you'll be awarded an American tier II Premium T7 Combat Car in your Garage. Hit 60 days during the event, and you'll also receive a Soviet tier VI SU-100Y tank destroyer. (Oh, and if you already have either of these tanks, you would, instead, receive the Gold equivalent.)

Not sure you'll find the time to log in 30 days during the event? Well, just 5 days gets you an Improved Ventilation Class 1 upgrade. At 10 days, you'll get a day of Premium (and again on days 20, 40 and 50). Day 14, you'll get an Enhanced Gun Laying Drive and day 25 will get you Coated Optics. Day 35 gets you a Camouflage Net, 45 gets you a Medium Caliber Gun Rammer and 55 gets you Binocular Telescope.

If you used to play World of Tanks and you haven't played in a while... or if you've wanted to play, but just haven't gotten around to it... this is the time. Get in now and, perhaps, try to play just a round per day; your account will thank you. (Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go update my World of Tanks install...)

-Geck0, GameVortex Communications
AKA Robert Perkins

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