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Sunset Overdrive Stream for Charity!

Company: Microsoft Studios
Product: Sunset Overdrive

So October 25th is a special day for gamers. It is the day of Extra-Life! Gamers all around the country have a chance to do good by their respective communities and help improve the lives of sick children.

On that day, I will be playing Sunset Overdrive and streaming it on Twitch. Feel free to join me as I bring the pain to the OD while bringing smiles to the children at Children's Hospital in New Orleans!

And please pay a visit to Game Vortex's Team Page for Extra-Life and consider making a donation. It's for a good cause, and totally tax deductible!

In the meantime, enjoy this batsh*t live action trailer for Sunset Overdrive (NSFW) in the Links Section below and stay tuned. Our review will go live Monday, October 27th.

-FenixDown, GameVortex Communications
AKA Jon Carlos

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