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XTRA! World of Tanks Memorial Weekend Event

Company: Wargaming.net
Product: World of Tanks

While the upcoming weekend might not hold much importance for those outside of the United States, in the U.S., this weekend is Memorial Day Weekend, a time we set aside to remember those who have served in our military. Also, as it turns out, it's evidently a great time to hold annual sales on anything from computers to mattresses to pet supplies. However, this Memorial Day Weekend, World of Tanks is helping to keep the spirit of the holiday, with their Memorial Day Weekend event.

Event Times:

Battle Spirit:
Saturday, May 24 @ 04:00 PDT - Monday, May 26 @ 04:00 PDT

Everything Else:
Friday, May 23 @ 04:00 PDT - Tuesday, May 27 @ 04:00 PDT

There are a variety of special promotions that are part of this event, including:
  • Bonuses & Discounts:
    • 50% Off Tier II - V American Vehicles (Credits)
    • 30% Off Tier VI - VII American Vehicles (Credits)
    • 50% Credit Increase - Tier: II - V Regular Vehicles (All Nations)
    • 30% Credit Increase - Tier: VI - VII Regular Vehicles (All Nations)
  • Memorial Weekend Missions
    • Scoping Out a Place to Park - Detect 50 enemy vehicles in battles where you are in the top 10 in XP earned - Tier IV or higher, up to twice per account - Reward: Garage Slot
    • Fireworks - Destroy 50 enemy vehicles - Tier IV or higher, must be in an artillery vehicle, up to 4 times per account - Reward: 100,000 Silver
    • Last Minute Party Prep - Destroy 3 enemy vehicles in a battle, up to twice per account - Reward: Onigiri, Extra Combat Rations, Case of Cola, Chocolate, Pudding and Tea, Strong Coffee and Improved Combat Rations
    • Tailgate Party - Win a battle, once per account - Reward - 4 Days of Premium
  • Memorial Weekend Bundle - "Light 'Em Up"
    • M3 Light Tank
    • Garage Slot
    • 7 Days of Premium
    • 5,000 Gold
    • Free Bonus of 4 Days of Premium
    • ...all for $32.29

Battle Spirit (Sub Event):

For a two-day span in the middle of the event (see times above), there will be an additional event occurring, called "Battle Spirit." During this sub-event, the following promotions will also be available:
  • 2XP - Every victory of the Day rewards double the XP
  • Mission: Compensation for Defeat - Lose the battle, but place in the top 10 in XP earned, All battle types - Reward: 2XP

So, grill some hot dogs and hamburgers and pour a cold beverage of your choice, then strap in and get behind the wheel of some very heavy machinery and fight for the good 'ole U.S. of A. this weekend.

-Geck0, GameVortex Communications
AKA Robert Perkins

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