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XTRA! Mechwarrior Online: Win a Free Mechbay

Company: Piranha Games
Product: Mechwarrior Online

We told you about your chance to win a free Centurion Mech and a Mechbay to keep it in a while back. Whether or not you took advantage of that little extra, you can pick up a new Mechbay for free in a similar fashion this weekend.

March 28 @ 10AM PDT
March 31 @ 9PM PDT

Per the official Mechwarrior Online website:
Win 5 games before March 31st at 9pm PDT and receive a free Mech Bay to store those spare Mechs that haven't got a home. No opt-in required, win your matches with your friends or drop solo. After completing the 5 wins, you'll receive your new Mech Bay automatically.

As I pointed out with the Centurion offer, this shouldn't be too difficult to do. Mechwarrior Online is a team-based game; you don't have to win the entire thing yourself, just be on the winning team. You don't even have to stay alive to the end of the match - just be on the winning team. To collect the reward, manage to do that five times within the duration of the promotion.

The Win A Mechbay Challenge is currently underway, and goes throughout the weekend, ending at 9PM on Monday, March 31st, so get out there and get your free Mechbay.

-Geck0, GameVortex Communications
AKA Robert Perkins

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