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How to Score This Valentine's Day Weekend

Company: GameVortex.com
Product: Valentine's Day Gaming Promos

Valentine's Day was a Friday this year. Evidently, that creates something called "Valentine's Day Weekend," giving restaurants and other popular date spots additional time to run their promotions and make more money. However, the promotions don't stop with the obvious ones, it seems everyone's trying to get a piece of the action. Yes, certain videogames out there...

At first it might sound strange, but there is a market for romance-based promotions for videogames. I personally know a couple that play MMOs together all the time, as one positive example. As less positive examples, there are the guys out there who are single this Valentine's Day... and, perhaps, those who messed up Valentine's Day plans and are newly single. At any rate, there are definitely gamers out there who are looking to seek entertainment, adventure and, perhaps, solace in the fantastic worlds of online games.

No judgement here, just some of the Valentine's Day Weekend Promos...

Marvel Heroes: Forge of Asgard

Ends 2/17/2014 (Monday)
Pushing the message of togetherness, Marvel Heroes is granting 50% Bonus XP for being in a party with others. In order to receive this bonus, heroes must simply be in a party with other players. There are also special Valentine's Bundles based on some of the most famous relationships (which offer savings of over 50%), Daily Login Gifts, a new exclusive boost and more.

Also, there's an enhanced costume available, "Lady Loki," from when Loki's mind was possessing Sif's body. You know, if you're into that sort of thing.

Mechwarrior Online

Ends 2/18/2014 (Tuesday)
(@ 10:00 AM PST)
According to Mechwarrior Online, "Being a BattleMech pilot is a thankless job. Your efforts will not be forgotten, ComStar loves you! This weekend when you defend the Inner Sphere, get twice the XP!"

They even included this cute little poem:

Armor turns red,
Lasers are green,
There's no time for love,
I'm a killing machine.

Grand Theft Auto Online

Ends 2/17/2014 (Monday)
GTA Online reminds us of some of the darker things associated with Valentine's Day, with their latest free update that came out this Friday: The Valentine's Day Massacre Special. Isn't that sweet?

Goodies to be found in this update include a new weapon: the Gusenberg Sweeper, a new vehicle: the Albany Roosevelt and 10 new jobs, including Deathmatches, a new parachute jump and new land, sea and cycling Races.

New costuming options including double breasted suits and 1920 flappers dresses and a new Flapper Bob hairstyle for the ladies, as well as new masquerade masks, novelty T-Shirts, hats and more. These items are yours for good once you get them, but they will only be available for purchase during the event.

-Geck0, GameVortex Communications
AKA Robert Perkins

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