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Magic the Gathering Grand Prix

Product: Magic the Gathering Grand Prix

The MTG grand prix is one of the biggest open events held across the globe. It attracts Magic the Gathering players in their hundreds, each battling it out to win the overall prize. Fans and avid players of the card game love to attend the grand prix. It is a chance to play against others who are also major fans of the game, in an atmosphere that centers around the world of Magic the Gathering. No invitation is required and players of any level are able to go along and take part. Cash prizes are also available, from 1st place to 64th. So no matter what level you are at, the MTG grand prix would certainly be a fun day for fans of the card game.

Another great thing about the grand prix is that it isn't all about the gameplay. The grand prix offers fans of the game an opportunity to meet other MTG enthusiasts and test their skills against other players. Fans can also get their decks signed by their favourite artists as well as buying and selling their cards too. So even if you feel as though you aren't ready to take part in any tournaments, you can still have a great day and join in with the fun.

For fans who go purely for gameplay, there are a number of different tournaments to take part in. Players can enter regular competitions and use their own cards, but there are also limited tournaments too. This requires players to be given a certain pack of cards to play with. These test the true skill and technique of top Magic the Gathering players. Players can win up to $3,500 if they win a tournament, with a number of cash prizes for other placeholders.

The Magic the Gathering grand prix takes place in many locations across the globe. Countries including America, Spain, Australia, Britain, Japan, Italy and more hold a number of grand prix events. As Magic the Gathering is a game played worldwide, high numbers of players always attend each event.

Magic Madhouse recently visited the last event in Gothenburg, Sweden which was a resounding success. As well as entering the tournament, they even set up their own stand showcasing all of the latest Magic related products and accessories the company has to offer.

-Geck0, GameVortex Communications
AKA Robert Perkins

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