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iPowerUp Unveils iPhone Case / Projector at CES 2013

Company: iPowerUp
Product: iPowerPro

iPowerUp, a designer of multi-function battery charging accessories, has unveiled two new pocket-sized projectors at CES 2013. The newest additions to the iPowerUp line are the iPower Pro for the iPhone 4S/4, and iPower Sight, designed to operate with HDMI devices, including smartphones, iPads and tablets, game consoles, and more.

iPower Pro - $279.99: Carry a large screen projector, a back-up battery, and a protective iPhone 4/4S power case all in a shirt pocket. To enjoy large screen projections, slide the smartphone into the similarly sized iPower Pro form fitted case, press and hold the 'on' button, and project to a wall or any suitable surface to watch videos, slideshows, or business presentations. The 15-lumen LED projector lamp ensures clear and brilliant 60-inch projection from up to 9.5 feet, and an optimum 640 X 360 DLP Optical pixel resolution lens and built-in adjustable speaker output offers a true large screen experience. The unit also features a built-in back up battery that offers additional video, talk, and text time to the smartphone. Perfect for meetings, travel, or on-the-go entertainment. To learn more about iPower Pro, please watch the video.

iPower Pro Specs:

Product name:iPower Pro
Input:DC 5.0V 500mAh
Output:DC 5.0V 500mAh
Dimension:2.46in x 4.98in x 0.72in
Lumens:Up to 12 ANSI
Audio Play:up to 28 hrs
Video Play:up to 2.5 hrs
  • iPower Pro case and cradle for iPhone 4/4S
  • User Manual
  • Mini USB Cable

iPower Pro Features:

Video Projector:

The iPower Pro for iPhone 4/4S projects videos and slideshow images up to 60-inch screen size with 0.5W audio output. The projector is charged through an external power source, through AC/DC or USB interfaces. The iPower Pro can provide power and when the iPhone is loaded in the projector, you can be in N video format.


When iPhone is inserted in iPower case, you are able to synchronize your iPhone with iTunes or other iPower Pro cases. It is recommended to use the original included mini USB cable, as other cables may not work properly.

NOTE: Visit the iPowerUp website for video conversion support.

iPowerUp products are currently available at OfficeMax.com, Hudson News, and Radio Shack.

-Geck0, GameVortex Communications
AKA Robert Perkins

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