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Adventure Time: Princess Day

Score: 85%
Rating: TV-PG
Publisher: Warner Brothers Home

Region: 1
Media: DVD/1
Running Time: 176 Mins.
Genre: Animated/TV Series
Audio: English Dolby Digital 2.0
Subtitles: English SDH


  • Little Did You Know

Adventure Time: Princess Day is a compilation DVD containing 16 princess themed episodes. What an easy DVD to put together; Jake and Finn spend most of their time either on official princess business or in adventures rescuing princesses, so itís pretty easy to find a DVDís worth of episodes in Adventure Time. That doesnít mean this is a bad group of episodes. Quite the contrary, with so much material to choose from, itís easy to put together a good bunch of princess episodes. This DVD contains the princess themed episodes "Princess Day," "Princess Potluck," "Bad Little Boy," "Candy Streets," "Jake Suit," "The Partyís Over, Isla de Seniorita," "The Box Prince," "Rattleballs," "Love Games," "Bad Timing," "Princess Monster Wife," "Hot to the Touch," "Reign of the Gunters," "Beautopia," "Her Parents," and "Loyalty to the King."

"Princess Day" is this collectionís title episode. This episode is unaired as of the time of this review and this DVDís release and is from Season 6. In this episode, all the princesses gather for Princess Day in the very delicious Breakfast Kingdom. Princess Day seems to be more of a boring trade convention than anything else, with half the princesses distracted and Princess Bubblegum working hard to finish a crossword puzzle. Lumpy Space Princess gets aggravated at the boring nature of Breakfast Princessís speech and starts complaining. When she gets insulted and shut down by Breakfast Princess, Marceline tempts LSP into going on a "bad" spree. The hilarious part of their revenge spree is that they never seem to be able to do anything legitimately bad. Marceline steals a CD, but later decides to mail it back. Then it looks like theyíre actually going to do something terrible to Breakfast Princess by leaving her in the desert with a shovel, but they end up telling her to build a sandcastle. They donít even force her to complete the sandcastle. The whole thing ends in an ode to Thelma and Louise, and in typical Adventure Time fashion, leaves you wondering what the hell you just watched.

"Bad Little Boy" is one episode that should have been seen on a different Adventure Time DVD, Fiona and Cake. "Bad Little Boy" is an awesome episode that showcases another story about Fiona, Cake, and Prince Gumball (gender-swapped versions of Finn, Jake, and Princess Bubblegum). The story follows Fiona and Marshall Lee (Marceline's male version) as they go to Lumpy Space Prince's party. Marshall Lee basically spends the entire episode dancing around Fiona's virtuous and heroic qualities and using them against her. They're friends, but only because they know each other so very well that they can switch from being perfect friends to perfect enemies. And they do just that, several times through the episode. It's pretty brilliant how well their relationship is fleshed out. It's also brilliant how much drama and humor is woven into this one short episode. I can't express just how much I just want more Fiona and Cake, but that's for another review. So technically, there are no princesses in "Bad Little Boy." However, having the episode on this DVD just shows that the problems of princes in Adventure Time are very much the same as the problems of princesses.

A few other good episodes in this collection are "The Box Prince," "Reign of Gunters," and "Hot to the Touch." "The Box Prince" is technically another episode not about princesses, but it works. In this episode, Finn sets off to restore a cat to his rightful place as prince of the Box Kingdom. Yep, itís a kingdom of cats living in boxes and an episode that contains at least one, very required, reference to famous internet cats. Thereís also the especially awesome, especially bad influence line in this episode where Jake declares, "Floss is for losers." In "Hot to the Touch," Finn struggles to deal with his crush on the Flame Princess. Itís a love that really canít seem to go anywhere since sheís made of fire and will burn everything around her. The episode ends on a surprising note, even a little touching. And then "Reign of Gunters" is awesome because: 1. A visit to Wizard City is always frighteningly hilarious in this show, 2. Kitten Phoenix laser attack thing, 3. Everyone wants to see the often abused Gunter go completely crazy, 4. Holy crap, kitten laser attack!

As with most of these Adventure Time compilations, this DVD contains another "Little Did You Know" feature as its special feature. Here, youíll get some extra facts about characters on the show. Nice, but again, nothing too special. Chances are, someone will scrape this material and put it on a wiki anyway. Overall, this is a good compilation, since the princesses of this series are one of the most interesting parts anyway. Heck, the roster of princesses in the "Princess Day" episode alone should tell you that. It includes, but is not limited to: Emerald Princess, Embryo Princess, Elbow Princess, Flame Princess, Skeleton Princess, Space Angel Princess, and Princess Princess Princess. If it still needs to be said at this point, Adventure Time princesses are the best princesses; Put all the Adventure Time princesses together, and youíve got a real party.

-Fights with Fire, GameVortex Communications
AKA Christin Deville

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