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Falling Skies: The Complete Third Season

Score: 97%
Rating: TV-14
Publisher: TNT
Region: A
Media: Blu-ray/2
Running Time: 440 Mins.
Genre: Sci-Fi/Action/TV Series
Audio: English Dolby Digital DTS-HD
           Master Audio

Subtitles: English SDH, French, Spanish,
           Danish, Finnish, Norwegian,


  • 2nd Watch: Hosted by Wil Wheaton
  • Warrior Poet: Creating the Character and Emotions of Cochise
  • Karen: The Overlord Next Door
  • Featurettes
  • Behind the Scenes
    • Popetown
    • The New Charleston
    • Gloria Reuben
    • Doug Jones
    • Shout Out: Two Popes
    • Stunt Man Bradley

When we last left our heroes of the 2nd Mass, there was a traitor in the midst wreaking havoc. Red Eye, leader of the Skitter Resistance, and Dai (Peter Shinkoda) had both been killed during a showdown with the Overlord, and Karen (Jessy Schram) had infected Hal (Drew Roy) with something that rendered him unable to walk and also, although unknown to the rest of the group, gave him an evil side by infecting him with a brain bug.

So here we are in Falling Skies: The Complete Third Season, several months after the showdown. Hal has become quite a badass on the turret gun, despite his inability to walk. A new leader has taken over the Skitter Resistance, the group in Charleston continue to work with Cochise (Doug Jones) and the Volm and are making great strides against the Espheni aliens, and the Volm are secretly working on a mysterious giant weapon. Tom Mason (Noah Wyle) is the President of the New United States, yet he continues to go out on the front lines, putting himself at risk. Arthur Manchester (Terry O'Quinn) has been tasked with discovering the identity of the mole, but he is mysteriously murdered by an alien weapon before he can reveal his findings. Meanwhile, Hal has been having these crazy dreams of walking in the woods and having hookup sessions with Karen while he's out there. Could he be the mole? He fears he is, but Maggie (Sarah Carter) doesn't believe it and stands by his side.

Tom's top political advisor is Marina Peralta (Gloria Reuben), and as always, Captain Weaver (Will Patton) is his top military advisor. However, when Charleston is attacked, they discover that their new enemies are human. In fact, the actual President is alive and well and these human soldiers think they are collaborators with enemy aliens. Tom, Pope (Colin Cunningham), Cochise and General Bressler (Matt Frewer), and their new ally, Lt. Fisher travel to meet with the President, but their journey is not without incident and along the way, Tom and Pope learn a lot about what makes each other tick.

Meanwhile, Dr. Anne Glass (Moon Bloodgood) has her baby, a little girl they name Alexis. However, Alexis isn't like normal babies and soon, Anne begins to believe she is going insane as the baby is talking to her and doing odd things, but only in her presence. She has the child's DNA tested by the brilliant Dr. Robert Kadar (Robert Sean Leonard), a hermit-like scientist who works in the basement assisting the Volm with their weapon. Upon discovering that the baby is part alien, Anne takes her and leaves, fearing repercussions from the other residents of Charleston. Unfortunately, she is intercepted by evil Hal and eventually finds herself in the hands of Karen, the new Overlord of the Skitters.

Throughout the season, the members of the 2nd Mass will have to root out the mole, go on a hunt to find Anne and Alexis, wage revengeful war on Karen, get rid of Hal's eye bug, and deal with the Volm's fancy new weapon, which could wipe out all human life if it doesn't work properly. Worse yet, if it does work, what do the Volm have in store for the human race? Suffice it to say that it's not what Mason and his team were led to believe.

In my opinion, this show just keeps getting better and better each season, and Falling Skies: The Complete Third Season just keeps the trend going. This is a harsh season because we not only lose newcomers to the group, but also a few folks that have been with us since the beginning and these are harsh episodes. The best episode, by far, in the entire series occurs this season and is called Strange Brew and it happens while Tom is hunting for Anne and Alexis. He awakens back in his old life in Boston with his wife and kids and we get a glimpse into his life before the invasion, although the experience is peppered with faces we've come to know and love aside from the Mason family. I won't spoil it for you if you haven't seen it, but the episode is fantastic and is actually quite the tear-jerker as Tom reconciles his past life with his life post-invasion.

Special features include a nice selection of featurettes that cover behind the scenes stuff and discussions with cast and crew, as well as featurettes on Cochise and Karen, but my favorite special feature has got to be the inclusion of every single episode of 2nd Watch, hosted by Wil Wheaton. It's great to hear Wheaton dish with the cast about each episode and how it affected them and I wish other shows would start including their post-episode talk shows with their Blu-ray releases, such as The Walking Dead with its companion show, The Talking Dead.

Overall, if you have been watching the show, you'll want to keep on going with Falling Skies: The Complete Third Season. It looks fantastic on Blu-ray and the special features are great fun for fans. Season Four's premiere is just around the corner and I can't wait to see what life has in store for Tom Mason and the 2nd Mass. Highly recommended.

-Psibabe, GameVortex Communications
AKA Ashley Perkins

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