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Adventure Time: The Suitor

Score: 73%
Rating: TV-PG
Publisher: Cartoon Network
Region: 1
Media: DVD/1
Running Time: 176 Mins.
Genre: Animated
Audio: English Dolby Digital 2.0
Subtitles: English Subtitles for the
           Hearing Impaired


  • Little Did You Know
  • Episode List:
    • The Suitor
    • James Baxter the Horse
    • SHH!
    • Another Five More Short Graybles
    • Wizards Only, Fools
    • Be More
    • Sky Witch
    • The Vault
    • Red Starved
    • Hug Wolf
    • Beyond this Earthly Realm
    • King Worm
    • Morituri Te Salutamus
    • Heat Signature
    • Blood Under the Sun
    • Henchmen

Maybe itís just the kind of day I had, or maybe the delicious burger I enjoyed earlier was warping my judgement. But it really feels like Adventure Time: The Suitor is one of the most messed up collections of Adventure Time episodes yet. Believe me, thatís saying a lot when youíre talking about Adventure Time.

The DVD starts out with an episode titled The Suitor. We look in on Peppermint Butler as he continues the dark ceremony already underway. He appears to be summoning a demon into the body of Cinnamon Bun. Believe me, if any show can make demonic possession kind of funny and adorable, itís this show. I will likely continue to write "WTF" sentences such as this as this review goes on, so brace yourself.

If youíre not worried about the content because you think things like demons will fly over your kidís head, there still might be cause for concern in this DVD. When the suitor, Braco, goes searching for the rare soul stone, he goes through some pretty scary terrain. There are huge, dark, clawed creatures, some with split heads and gaping mouths that are the fuel for childrenís nightmares. Thereís a lot of this sort of strange and awful stuff in this collection. For example, in Wizards Only, Fools, thereís an elite guard that keeps the non-wizard folk out of the city. They are blindfolded until they attack, pulling up the blindfold and vaporizing their targets with a magical blast. For adults, itís funny because itís an extreme moment of terror in an otherwise silly environment. Itís the bizarre, serious and not so serious moments of Adventure Time that help build a rich world and make it so compelling to watch. But hey, some of those moments are probably a bit much for very young kids. Iím in the camp that kids can and should get over this kind of thing (Heck, have you ever seen The Neverending Story? Thatís from when I grew up.), but Iíd like to put out fair warning.

Itís not all "scary" strange in this DVD. Thereís plenty of milder, crazy episodes like James Baxter the Horse. Itís an episode about a horse that cheers people up by rolling around on a beach ball and neighing his name, "James Baxter." Yeah, there might not be drug testing over at the Adventure Time studio, but you know what? Thatís A-OK.

This is another compilation episode, so youíre not getting episodes here in any particular order. It does seem to focus mostly on Season 5, but there are some S4, S3, S2 and S1 episodes in here as well. The full list of episodes is listed above.

Special features of this DVD are limited to only one. Itís another fact sheet compilation about Adventure Time characters featured in this DVD. Itís great if you want to brush up on your Adventure Time trivia, but not good for much else. Overall, this is another DVD that youíre going to just have to decide on based on the grab-bag of episodes. You can also pick up these episodes, and more current Seasons in digital formats, so that might sway your decision. Good episodes? Yes. Do they belong together? My answer is no, but it might work for someone else.

-Fights with Fire, GameVortex Communications
AKA Christin Deville

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