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You, Me & Them, Series 1

Score: 85%
Rating: Not Rated
Publisher: Acorn Media
Region: 1
Media: DVD/2
Running Time: 185 Mins.
Genre: Comedy/TV Series
Audio: English
Subtitles: English SDH


  • Bloopers
  • Cast Interviews
  • Tour of Emma and Clive's House

You, Me & Them, Series 1 is the first season of a charming and rather funny sitcom featuring Anthony Head (Buffy the Vampire Series) and Eve Myles (Torchwood) as a new couple with a rather large age gap.

Ed (Head) is an older man who is not only dating the much younger Lauren (Myles), but is also well-off thanks to his mechanics garage chain. The series starts off with Lauren's family meeting Ed and Ed's family for the first time. Ed's side includes a live-in brother, Alan (Nigel Betts), a moocher of a grandson, Tim (Joshua McGuire) and an ex-wife, Lydia (Lindsay Duncan,Rome), who lives next door and has a really hard time accepting the fact that she and Ed aren't together anymore.

While Ed's family has a few quirks, Lauren's isn't all that normal either. Lauren's mother, Emma (Susie Blake), is judgy, controlling and fairly disapproving of the couple's relationship while her father, Clive (Jeff Rawle), does whatever it takes to keep his wife happy and calm. Lauren's sister, Debs (Daisy Beaumont) has a family of her own. Debs' husband Keith (Marcus Garvey), daughter Ellie (Alice Felgate) and son Charlie (Miller Henderson) make an unusual collection of people and when they clash with Ed's family - hilarity ensues, especially when Ellie and Tim start seeing each other.

The show's second episode has Ed coming over to Emma and Clive's house for a dinner where Ed starts to suspect that he and Lauren's mother might have had a one-night-stand after a concert in both of their younger days. Afterwards, Lauren starts to unpack her belongings and her free-spirited nature starts to clash a bit with Ed's organized ways. When Lauren's Buddha statue gets thrown away, their relationship starts to strain. Of course, Lydia is a bit giddy over their clashing since she is always looking for a way back into Ed's life, and house.

You, Me & Them's fourth episode has Ed going to a funeral of an old friend. Ed is a bit confused when it seems the dead man's wife gives him the cold shoulder until a common friend (who keeps hitting on Lauren) tells him that the unusual death was indirectly caused by Ed skipping out on a golf game. Meanwhile, Lauren is trying to give her sister advice to spice things up in bed, which leads Debs and Keith to sneak into Ed's house only to find Ellie and Tim partaking of the pool themselves.

In the season's second-to-last episode, Lauren, Debs and Emma get together when a strange phone call brings back memories of an old ghost that Lauren remembers from her childhood. Meanwhile, Ed and Clive have a night of bonding when they go to a Snooker game (a type of billiards game). While the two really enjoy the game, they find themselves a constant source of distraction since Ed has an unusually squeaky leather jacket and Clive starts sneezing because of the blouse the woman sitting in front of them is wearing. Meanwhile, Alan joins Keith and Charlie in a bowling tournament. At first, Alan's bumbling ways seem like a mistake for the team, but once he gets in the groove, he starts throwing strike after strike - until all three storylines collide in an amusing way, of course.

The season ends similar to how it began, with a party at Ed's place. This time though, it's not to get the two families to meet, its to celebrate Lauren's veterinary diploma. Keith and Alan have an impromptu food-eating competition, Ellie and Tim are worried about a possible scare - but when that comes up false, Lauren finds herself covering for her niece with Debs by claiming to be pregnant herself. Needless to say, there are a lot of fairly standard sitcom setups in this show - but it always feels like a fresh spin on these classic tropes.

You, Me & Them, Series 1 has a few special features including an amusing bloopers reel and short interviews with several of the cast members as they discuss their time on-set. The last special feature is a tour of the house that makes up Lauren's parents' place.

You, Me & Them, Series 1 is short, but it is packed with quality comedy. I found myself quite literally laughing-out-loud several times per episode. I took notice of this show because of Head's role, but fell in love with everyone on the show.

-J.R. Nip, GameVortex Communications
AKA Chris Meyer

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