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Grown Ups 2

Score: 78%
Rating: PG-13
Publisher: Sony Pictures Home

Region: 1
Media: Blu-ray/2
Running Time: 101 Mins.
Genre: Comedy
Audio: English, French 5.1 DTS-HD
Subtitles: English, English SDH, French,


  • Deleted Scenes
  • Shaq and Dante
  • Look Who Stopped By
  • The Feder House
  • Mr. Spade's Wild Ride

If youíve seen Grown Ups, then youíre already familiar with Lenny Feder (Adam Sandler) and his friends Eric Lamonsoff (Kevin James), Kurt McKenzie (Chris Rock), and Marcus Higgins (David Spade). Rob Hilliard (Rob Schneider) is not in this sequel, however. Anyway, in the first movie, these best friends from high school reunited and learned a bit about family and friends. In Grown Ups 2, they are all living back in their home town. Their kids are all friends and life is fun. Itís the last day of school and Kurt decides that they should throw a huge party at Lennyís house, whether or not his wife Roxanne (Selma Hayek) allows it. Before that though, they are going to spend the day together skipping work and reminiscing.

Honestly, there really isnít much of a main plot to Grown Ups 2. Instead, there are several subplots that make it funny. Personally, I think the funniest one is when Marcusí son that he never knew about, Braden (Alexander Ludwig), shows up on the train. Braden is 17 and a giant, especially compared to Marcus. Otherwise, he looks quite a lot like him, except heís a bit of a thug. Heís obviously angry about being sent to a dad he never knew existed. I thought their interactions were quite humorous.

Kurt is going to have to deal with his daughter Charlotte (China Anne McClain) going out on her first date, which is something no father wants to have to do. Eric has to deal with the fact that he hides at his motherís house without telling his wife where he is. The kids donít have it too easy either. Lennyís oldest, Greg (Jake Goldberg) wants to ask out the prettiest girl in school and Lennyís younger son Keithie (Cameron Boyce) wants to go out for football, even though heís quite small. There are so many side characters that are just planned to make you laugh, like Officer Fluzoo (Shaquille OíNeal), Officer Dante (Peter Dante), Wiley (Steve Buscemi) and his wife Penny (Cheri Oteri), Tommy Cavanaugh (Steve Austin), and Nick the school bus driver (Nick Swardson).

The guys are going to have one major problem on this otherwise fun day. They decide to go to the swimming hole and finally make Eric jump off and prove that heís not scared. While there, they run into a frat from the local college lead by Frat Boy Andy (Taylor Lautner). The frat claims that they are on their turf and force them all to jump off the cliff, naked. Theyíre going to have problems with these guys later in a huge, humorous battle.

This combo pack has the Blu-ray, DVD, and Ultraviolet versions of the film. There are special features on both the Blu-ray and DVD, but only 2 of them are available on the DVD version. While there arenít any major things that would require the high definition and high audio quality of the Blu-ray version, there is a difference in the quality. The Blu-ray is a lot more crisp and clear. There are a lot of Deleted Scenes, quite a few of them I wish they had left in. The movie wasnít very long to begin with, so personally I think there was time. These are on both the DVD and Blu-ray versions. The one that I really liked on the Blu-ray only is called "Look Who Stopped By." Itís a featurette that goes through the cameos, some of whom I didnít even notice until I watched the featurette. It was quite humorous! "Mr. Spadeís Wild Ride" was awesome as well. You should definitely go through all the featurettes!

While there really isnít a true single plot to Grown Ups 2, thatís not the point of the movie. This is a pure comedy meant to make you laugh on a simple level. There are no deep jokes or anything that is meant to make you think for more than a few seconds. You simply laugh and sometimes we just need to laugh! If youíre looking for a simple comedy that is guaranteed to make you laugh, check out Grown Ups 2.

-Cyn, GameVortex Communications
AKA Sara Earl

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