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Score: 81%
Rating: R
Publisher: Anchor Bay Entertainment
Region: A
Media: Blu-ray/2
Running Time: 88 Mins.
Genre: Thriller/Crime/Action
Audio: Blu-ray: Dolby TrueHD 5.1; DVD:
           Dolby Digital 5.1

Subtitles: English SDH, Spanish


  • Pawn: Behind the Scenes
  • DVD Copy of the Feature Film

Pawn reminds me a lot of an episode of this seasonís CSI that plays out in a similar manner. A friendly diner late at night with a few local patrons turns into a bloodbath and nothing is as it seems.

Nick (Sean Faris) has just been released from a stint in prison for car theft. Luckily for him, his pregnant wife Amanda (Nikki Reed) is forgiving and welcomes him home with open arms. Eager to straighten out his life in view of his impending baby, Nick agrees to meet his straight-arrow brother for some advice. The pair meet at a local diner where his good friend, Bonnie (Jessica Szohr), works as a waitress. Soon after his brother leaves, all hell breaks loose and the diner is held up by a band of very angry Brits led by Derrick (Michael Chiklis). In addition to grabbing the patronsí wallets and watches, this group seems hell-bent on locating something secreted away in the dinerís safe, but what could it be? When local cop Will (Forest Whitaker) stops out front for a smoke and comes in for his nightly cup of coffee, the chaos inside the diner must be hidden to prevent bloodshed. When the shtako hits the fan, who do you think the police will believe - an ex-con who just so happens to be in a diner being robbed? What happens after that is a series of twists and turns that will leave the audience wondering who is good and who is bad in this game of cat and mouse.

Pawn is a decent thriller with good actors and it did leave me guessing, but I just wasnít completely riveted by it. Michael Chiklis does a good job as the angry Cockney robber and Ray Liotta is quietly menacing as the enigmatic guy who could be playing for either side. The only special feature is a short behind-the-scenes peek into the process of filming Pawn with some cast interviews. Overall, Pawn is a decent watch, but it just isnít outstanding. Itís worth a rent just to see Chiklis and Whitaker together again on the screen, but itís not one youíll want to view multiple times.

-Psibabe, GameVortex Communications
AKA Ashley Perkins

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