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Dirty Pair: Flash

Score: 82%
Rating: 15+
Publisher: Right Stuf, Inc.
Region: 1
Media: DVD/3
Running Time: 400 Mins.
Genre: Anime
Audio: English and Japanese Dolby

Subtitles: English


  • Remastered video from the Japanese DVD re-release
  • Line Art Gallery
  • Clean Openings
  • Clean Closings
  • North American Release Trailers
  • Nozomi Entertainment Trailers

I’ve reviewed several Dirty Pair collections now, but unfortunately Dirty Pair: Flash is the last one (unless they make more, of course). Dirty Pair: Flash is a reboot of the original series. While some things are the same, others are quite a bit different!

To start off the series, Yuri runs into a man dying on the street who gives her a card and says to get it to the 3WA. In typical Dirty Pair fashion, they lose the card, tear up the entire city trying to get it to the 3WA, and manage to lose half their clothing in the fight. These girls really don’t get along very well. This is like the beginning of the partnership, so they’re still getting used to each other. When the "Lovely Angels" run into an assassin called Flare, trouble really follows. Flare has several other names, as any good assassin does. Kei is determined to track down Flare and bring her in, no matter what the cost, even if she has to quit the 3WA. This will get her into real trouble, but just maybe Yuri can get her out of it.

Now that they’re no longer partners, both Yuri and Kei are determined to prove that they can make it without the other one, even if it means risking their own lives. These gals are way too stubborn for their own good! Yuri has to fight in a virtual world to rescue the professor without any backup, since she doesn’t have a partner. Kei isn’t as stubborn as it may seem though, as she’s not going to let her former partner die that easily. Since leaving the 3WA, Kei has taken up work as a professional bodyguard. Yuri’s new partner Lily is even more boy-crazy than Yuri. Of course, hopefully working with her will make Yuri realize what she acts like and make her grow up just a bit. By the end of the first disc, these two have made peace and learned how to be true partners, well, somewhat at least. Each disc of the series is a new set of episodes.

When the second disc starts, they have to protect a computer programmer, Toma, so that he can de-infect the master computer in a huge theme park. After they blow up the luxury suite they are originally staying in, the company has to scramble to find them somewhere to stay for the couple of weeks that they are supposed to be there. Their solution is to enroll them in a girl’s boarding school temporarily, which means that they have to go to classes and everything, which is quite amusing! Unfortunately for them, this school is haunted so they will have a new job to do just to live there, that is, if they can manage to not get kicked out. Once they do, they’ll have to find yet another place to live while Toma finishes the job. When Toma falls in love with the flower shop girl, Lena, things get really confusing as Yuri is jealous. Granted, Yuri doesn’t want Toma, but she still wants him to want her if he’s going to want anyone. Toma is more than confused and so is Yuri by the end of the episode! Once they get this job completed, they get to go back to the headquarters.

On the next disc, Yuri and Kei are the targets of a trained child assassin named Monica (AKA The Sweet Fairy) who just turned 15. They are selected as targets for her "debut" to prove what she can do. Just because she’s young doesn’t mean that she’s not deadly! Of course, the girls are just upset because they are interrupting their vacations! Once they’re back from vacation, the chief gives them an assignment to go undercover as profession beach volleyball players to arrest the owner of the organization hosting the tournament, as it is the only way they can get close to him. Their volleyball outfits are even smaller than their normal clothing, if that is possible. They can’t stop at just participating, though. They have to win it to get close enough to the president to arrest him and 53 agents have failed so far. Can the Dirty Pair succeed? Once they get past this challenge, there are a few more to complete the series, including saving the chief and his daugther.

In Dirty Pair: Flash, Yuri is a bit girlier and whinier (and yet a better fighter with a really cool sword) and Kei is a bit more of a tomboy now. Yuri is obsessed with going out on dates. Even though Dirty Pair: Flash was my original introduction to the series many years ago, I actually like the Yuri and Kei from the original Dirty Pair TV Series better. It seems like their personality traits were magnified for Dirty Pair: Flash and the results just aren’t as entertaining. Flash is also different from the original in that the episodes carry over from one episode to the next, which does give them a more cohesive feeling, but it also means that you really need to watch them in order, the first two discs at least. The third disc is not contiguous, so you can watch it in any order. There is also a bit more nudity than in the original series, just FYI. If you’re a fan of Dirty Pair, you are going to want Dirty Pair: Flash just to complete your collection.

-Cyn, GameVortex Communications
AKA Sara Earl

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