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Dirty Pair: Features

Score: 90%
Rating: 16+
Publisher: Right Stuf
Region: 1
Media: DVD/3
Running Time: 194 Mins. (Project Eden:
           80 Mins.; Affair of
: 57 Mins.;
           Flight 005 Conspiracy: 57

Genre: Anime
Audio: English, Japanese Dolby Digital
Subtitles: English


  • Remastered Video from the Japanese DVD Re-release
  • Two English Audio Options (ADV Films and Streamline Pictures Dubs)
  • Line Art Gallery
  • Japanese Promotional Trailers
  • North American Release Trailers
  • Nozomi Entertainment Trailers

Dirty Pair: Features is a collection of 3 Dirty Pair movies that are a bit over an hour long each. The three movies are “Project Eden”, “Affair of Nolandia”, and “Flight 005 Conspiracy”.

In “Project Eden,” there is a huge black market, so the 3WA is brought in to help with capturing thieves. The Lovely Angels (Dirty Pair, as they are more often called) are on the job, but as usual, Kei and Yuri manage to do everything with the maximum amount of destruction; but at least they look beautiful while doing it. Unfortunately, one of the smugglers, Carson D. Carson, gets away but otherwise they get the job done. Vizorium is the metal that warp ships are made from. There is a huge dispute on the planet where it is mined. Currently, Uldas ship it in the raw state so that the planets it is going to can use it however they want. This is the most cost-effective way. The government of Edia has mandated the vizorium will be refined before shipping it off-world. This is causing a huge conflict between the government of Edia versus the working population of Uldas. Uldas was working on a new technique for refining when monsters showed up looking for vizorium and destroyed the plants. They claim that Edia sent the monsters. While Kei and Yuri are taking a bath to get cleaned from the destruction, they run into Carson again and arrest him. That’s probably not the best idea though, as Carson seems to know more about the case of the monsters they are trying to solve. After coming to a mutual understanding, they let him go and agree to stay out of each other’s way, but work together to find a professor who can explain more about what’s going on with these monsters. I’m not sure why they all think that’s going to actually work, but that’s the plan. Things get really crazy when the professor is involved and the group is going to have to fight to survive, much less arrest the bad guys. I must admit that I really like Carson working with Kei and Yuri. He’s no wimp for sure. It seem like there is a lot more action than plot to this movie, though. Essentially, it is an hour and 20 minutes long, but with the same amount of plot (or less) than their typical 20 minute episode.

In “Affair of Nolandia,” Kei and Yuri are hired by a woman to protect her and the child living with her. When the woman is killed while they are out, they have to find the mysterious girl who ran away. This is going to be very difficult though as something creepy is happening on this planet. The city where they lived was the only place fit for human habitation. The Dirty Pair are going to have to search the dangerous forests on the south end of the planet to find the girl. Of course, the dangerous flora and fauna are nothing compared to the illusions created by an unknown force. They are going to have to use some very unusual tactics to solve this mission! The truth is far more strange and terrifying than fiction. Fair warning, “Affair of Nolandia” is a bit graphic complete with naked women and the hint of a tentacle rape scene.

“Flight 005 Conspiracy” opens with 300 passengers dying on a flight that exploded. Even though the insurance company has received a claim from the airlines for the plane, they have received no claims from families of the passengers. The Dirty Pair are sent to investigate, but they also have to investigate a missing family, Dornenschterns, that was requested as well. When they go to investigate, they find that there were 298 passengers from Dalz and then 2 more got on at Zahl, but there is no list of the passengers. They decide to start at Zahl where the investigator Danny says that he will assist them. As is usual, he is handsome and they both like him. The first place they want to go is to a lab that is now closed, but used to research ignoal fluid. That turns out to be a very bad idea though when they are nearly killed in an explosion. Instead, Danny is killed and the plot gets even thicker. It’s hard to tell what’s going on and who can be trusted, especially when they figure out that the missing Dornenschterns and the missing plane are linked. The lack of plot that “Project Eden” had is definitely made up for in “Flight 005 Conspiracy” as it is quite complicated. No worries though; there is still plenty of action!

Since these Dirty Pair movies were originally made in the late 80s, the quality isn’t the world’s greatest, but it is very good for a show from that era. The animation was very well done for the time. I find it funny that the English subtitles omit the cursing that you will hear if you listen to the English dub. I like watching the dub better than the original Japanese with the subtitles simply because it flows better. Of course, there’s still something to be said for listening to it in the original Japanese.

I still love the Dirty Pair. They are still as violent as ever, but for the most part, they get the job done. If you liked the series, I highly recommend that you pick up Dirty Pair: Features so that you have these movies to complete the collection.

-Cyn, GameVortex Communications
AKA Sara Earl

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