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Dirty Pair: Original OVA Series

Score: 84%
Rating: 13+
Publisher: Right Stuf, Inc.
Region: 1
Media: DVD/3
Running Time: 250 Mins.
Genre: Anime
Audio: English, Japanese Dolby Digital
Subtitles: English


  • Remastered Video from the recent Japanese DVD re-release
  • Clean Opening
  • Clean Closing
  • U.S. Trailer
  • Liner Notes
  • Nozomi Entertainment Trailers

The Dirty Pair: Original OVA Series marks the return of Kei and Yuri. It is a continuation of the first 26 episodes, but overall they just have a different feeling from the rest. The gals almost seem like they're growing up a tiny bit. They're not growing up enough for their Boss's approval at the 3WA though! They are still giving him a lot of trouble.

A prison break starts the series and Yuri and Kei are sent in to get the warden out and bring him back alive. This task would be a lot easier if the warden wanted to be rescued. Instead, he is bent on getting revenge on the people who took over his prison. These gals are good at handling stubborn people though. Once they get home, it's Halloween. Halloween night should be fun and filled with parties, but instead several groups of criminals decide to use it to rob a museum and other places. To make things even worse, the Lovely Angels manage to lose a robot, TRW, which was stolen from the labs when they captured a thief. Things get even more complicated when TRW continually runs into the other robberies staged that night all over the city. Kei and Yuri have to find the robot before he goes into his super-destructive mode.

Once they get all that settled, it is time to go off world. They have to go to an ultra-religious planet to find out what happened to a large group of miners when their entire city of New Heaven was destroyed. The people on the planet think they were killed because of God's divine judgment, but the 3WA knows that is a lie. Yuri is amazing at talking her way into anywhere, but that doesn't mean that she can talk her way out of it! Once they finally get out of there, the gals have to deal with a group of kids called the Battle Hackers who have taken over a military base. The Dirty Pair are sent in to get the kids out of there before the situation gets worse. If you think they're bad with people, they're even worse with kids! Of course, this might just be the one mission that they don't destroy anything in the process.

These girls never seem to get a break. They have to "rescue" one of the agency's best agents from a recent gambling addiction. Kei and Yuri find out that the game is rigged. Kei decides that the best way to get him out is to try her hand at gambling, so she can prove to the other agent that the game is faked and it will make him want to quit. This episode is very different from the last time they went into a casino. Of course, this mission is nothing compared to the next one where they are sent to investigate an entire planet run by a crime family. Here, Yuri falls in love with someone that she really shouldn't, but we can't control who we love. Afterwards, Kei and Yuri don't seem like the pair to send to initiate peace talks, but they seem to handle the job pretty well when they're sent in to find 5 men and negotiate between the president and the rebels. When they learn who the real culprit behind it all is though, they're really going to make him pay!

There are several episodes that I haven't mentioned, but there's only so much room. You'll just have to watch them all for yourself. As usual, these gals will destroy everything they touch, at least in the beginning. As it goes on, they seem to destroy less and less. They even get to the point that people call them the Lovely Angels every now and then, rather than the Dirty Pair. On these DVDs, the English language option is very different from the on-screen subtitles, so if you watch it in English, I recommend turning off the subtitles as it's just confusing. The background music is also different in Japanese and English in some places. It seems like they have added dramatic music to the English version. The story is still the same though and that's what matters. While I did not like these episodes as much as the previous ones, they're still good. If you're a fan of the Dirty Pair, then you should pick up Dirty Pair OVA Series as well!

-Cyn, GameVortex Communications
AKA Sara Earl

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