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Blood: The Last Vampire

Score: 91%
Rating: Not Rated
Publisher: Manga Video
Region: 1
Media: Blu-ray/1
Running Time: 48 Mins.
Genre: Anime/Action/Horror
Audio: English DTS HD, English Stereo
Subtitles: English


  • The Brand New HD Version of the Feature
  • The Digital Data Version of the Feature
  • The Making of Blood: The Last Vampire
  • Original Japanese Trailers

Lately, I have reviewed Blood +: Part 2 (an alternate universe tale) and a live action version ofBlood: The Last Vampire (which is very loosely based on this anime), but those were both sparked from the anime Blood: The Last Vampire, which originally hit theaters in Japan back in 2000.

Blood: The Last Vampire is set on an army base in Japan in 1966, at Halloween. While all the students and teachers are focusing their attention on setting up for the Halloween dance, Saya has a different mission. Saya is in charge of killing all the chiropterans that the army identifies, since she is really the only one who can kill them. See Saya isn't ordinary. She is "the original," a vampire. Granted, we really don't know any more than that from this anime alone though. There are a whole lot of gaps in knowledge just by watching this film. What we do know is that Saya isn't working alone. David and Lewis are there to help her, although she doesn't seem to care much for them. Saya really doesn't care much for anyone. She simply does her job and kills.

Chiropterans can look like ordinary humans: men, women, and even children. While we don't know how they were created or why they got loose, Lewis and David are in charge of identifying targets for Saya, which is how she ends up in the army base school. There is apparently a chiropteran hiding in the school in the guise of a student. It doesn't take Saya long to discover who it is, but killing it is another task. They end up in the nurse's office, so now the school nurse has been exposed to the knowledge. She's going to have a very difficult task to stay alive, but with Saya's help, it is possible. Saya, of course, is going to kill the creatures at all costs, but she does take time to help the nurse, showing that she does have a touch of humanity.

You might be shocked to hear the first bit in English, I know I was. But Blood: The Last Vampire switches back and forth from Japanese to English quite a bit. You will get subtitles for the Japanese part though. There is no way to play it all in English or all in Japanese. There is one long special feature available as well, "The Making of." Personally, I really enjoyed it! In this day of everything being computer animated, I forget that not everything is like that. All of these scenes are hand drawn and in the making of, you get to meet some of the people who worked on it. Fair warning though, it is all in Japanese with subtitles. There are also two different versions of the film, the original data version and the new HD version, and the original Japanese trailers are also available.

So far, I have really enjoyed all of the Blood series available. I must admit that Blood: The Last Vampire left me with a lot of questions though. It almost doesn't feel like a complete film and you're dying for the sequel! Still, I recommend you go pick Blood: The Last Vampire up and see where it all began! You really need the complete story of this wonderful collection.

-Cyn, GameVortex Communications
AKA Sara Earl

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