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Plus Motif iPad Case
Score: 83%
Developer: Plus Motif
Device Type: Accessory


The Plus Motif iPad Case is designed to allow you to personalize your iPad in a whole new way, while still protecting it and adding in a few new features. You can design your own cover by visiting Plus Motifís website, selecting the color of choice for your cover, then browsing the large amount of varying snap-on front panels to personalize the look of your case. I found it difficult to choose a color because I liked so many of them, so I chose a snap-on cover first and then narrowed it down from there. The case pictured is the one I designed with a coral cover and a bright floral snap-on.


It is very easy to get your iPad into its new home. There are four elastic bands, and each one to slip around a corner of your iPad, holding it fairly snugly in the case. If you open the case up, your iPad will be centered, with an included notepad held in place by another elastic band on the left flap and a pen/stylus on the right side. While the addition of the pen/stylus and notepad is nice, I donít really see a huge benefit to the notepad since I would just jot notes in my Notes program on the iPad itself rather than using a pen and paper, but its there should you desire to use it.

Attaching the snap-on faceplate on the Plus Motif iPad Case is as simple as lining it up and snapping it on via the magnetic button. A magnetic snap is also used to secure the case closed, but if you are not careful and you close the right flap before the left flap, you can hit the screen of your iPad with the same magnetic button.

  • Versatility - Choose your Case Cover and Plus Motif
  • Pen Included Doubles as Stylus
  • Notepad Included
  • 3 Different iPad Position Configurations
  • Wide Variety of Colors for Cover Choice
  • Wide Variety of Styles / Patterns for Plus Motif Cover Personalizer

Drawbacks & Problems::

While the Plus Motif iPad Case is really cute and stylish and I got lots of complements when I changed from my old Brookstone case, I never felt as secure with it as I did my old case. There's a little bit of padding, but I was definitely more careful with this case. Even so, it got somewhat scratched on the front as I carry it in a bag every day. Further, I've started to notice a bit of wearing on one of the elastic bands that secures my iPad, as if it is wearing away. Also, the placement of one of the elastic bands is such that I have to move it out of the way to turn my iPad on and off or to adjust the volume, which can be a drag. Oddly enough, this is not the elastic band that is wearing through.

My last complaint is that I couldn't find a good configuration for reading a book on my iPad. I primarily play a lot of games and read on my iPad. The setting where the iPad is more upright seemed to be at a bad angle for me to play a game and the more flat setting seemed to always have a glare from the lighting above. There is no good setting for reading if you like to use your iPad portrait style, which is my preferred configuration for reading. In fact, when I just flapped the sides behind the iPad and rested it up against a large book as a prop, it slipped continuously forward, causing me to have to use my arm to keep it in place as I read.

Overall, the case is very cute and I love that you can change the look of it by snapping on and off a completely new style, but I need something a bit more sturdy for my case, and one with better versatility for its play/read configurations. If you are not hard on your iPad and donít do a lot of reading, you may love your Plus Motif iPad Case, but it just didn't fit my lifestyle as well as some others.

-Psibabe, GameVortex Communications
AKA Ashley Perkins

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