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Rockshield v3 Case for iPhone 5
Score: 90%
Developer: Rokform
Device Type: Accessory


I've touted myself as one who takes very good care of his cellphones. I can no longer do that in good faith, given what happened to my iPhone 4. As much as I hate to admit it, I'm wrapped up in my phone far too much for my own good. I'm always on either Safari or YouTube, and it really doesn't matter what other stuff I'm doing. And then I cracked my Home button because I had to look up something obscure during an afternoon skate. Smart, right? Well, I don't have to worry about my hazardous phone habits -- at least not too much. I have encased my new iPhone 5 in one of Rokform's Rokshield v3 cases, and I'm quite happy with it.

The primary purpose of the Rokshield v3 is, of course, to protect your phone from your own irresponsibility. Thankfully, everything included in this roughly fifty dollar package is to be used toward that end. After you fit everything on, it's considerably more life-proof than it was before.

In addition to the protection, the Rokshield v3 features a magnetic mount on the backside of the case. If you're sick of looking down at your phone while trying to read a recipe, this case has got you covered. And while we're on the subject of mounting, the case comes with a remote mounting system, which adheres to most flat surfaces. Unfortunately, my car's front panel is so busy I can't fit anything on it without overcrowding the more important mechanisms of the vehicle.


I'm not about to go hurling my iPhone 5 into the street to test the performance of this case, but I can definitely say that it gives me more peace of mind. The way everything locks into place, from the inner polycarbonate shell to the sleeve that fits over the shell, reinforces the sense of security. The exposed camera side of the shell (save for where the magnet lies) feels vulnerable, however, and I really hope my future mishaps end with the phone falling on its side, which is where all of the rubber is.

Since I've had my Rokshield v3, I've dropped my iPhone 5 once. Save for some mild tearing on the rubber bumper and a few nicks on the frame, nothing's the worse for wear. I'm not anxious to put the case (much less the contents) through the wringer just to see how everything responds, so all I'll say right now is that I'm a happy camper.

  • Injection-Molded Polycarbonate Frame
  • Elastomer Rubber Protective Outer Bumper
  • Thermoplastic Elastomer Non-Slip Grip Insert
  • Remote Mounting System
  • Magnetic Mounting
  • Rokgard Screen Protector

Drawbacks & Problems::

I did have one early frustration with the Rokshield v3, but I have since gotten over it and accepted it as a fair trade for safety. I don't know exactly what it is, but I've always found the tactile feedback of pushing the Home button (that subtle click) to be quite pleasing. The outer bumper of the Rokshield v3 features a tab that fits over the Home button, albeit not terribly snugly. There is a tiny protuberance on the underside of this tab which presses the Home button when you push down on the tab, though its accuracy is sometimes iffy. Of course, I'm now the kind of person who needs to protect that vulnerable spot, so like I said, it's a fair trade.

The mute switch of an iPhone 5 with a Rokshield v3 is difficult to reach -- and this is coming from someone who has tiny fingers. If you've got nails, you should be able to deal with it, but others might find this inconvenient.

Overall, the Rokshield v3 Case for iPhone 5 is a great investment for iPhone 5 users who either don't trust themselves or feel the need to protect their little electronic companions. You might not use all of its features, but they offer good options in certain situations. Personally, I think all phone cases are overpriced, so I would somewhat begrudgingly pay $49.99 for it. But only somewhat, because this is a fine accessory.

-FenixDown, GameVortex Communications
AKA Jon Carlos

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