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  • Ashley Perkins (Psibabe)
    Favorite Genre(s): Action, Adventure
    Favorite Game(s): Tomb Raider (series), Resident Evil (series), Medal of Honor (series), Gauntlet (any flavor)

  • Robert Perkins (Geck0)
    Senior Hardware Editor
    Favorite Genre(s): Racing, Flight Sims, anything Sci-Fi
    Favorite Game(s): Gran Tourismo (series), Driver, W1p3out

  • Ricky Tucker (Starscream)
    Senior Editor
    Web Designer
    Favorite Genre(s): Action, Adventure, RPG, Online
    Favorite Game(s): Castlevania: Symophony of the Night, Ratchet & Clank (series), Metroid (series), Shining Force II, Actraiser

  • Chris Meyer (J.R. Nip)
    Database Administrator
    Assistant Senior Editor
    Software Editor
    Favorite Genre(s): Action, Adventure, Platform
    Favorite Game(s): I-Ninja, God of War, Myst (series), Day of the Tentacle, The Dig

  • Shane Wodele (Woody)
    Software Editor
    Assistant HTML Programer
    Favorite Genre(s): Sports, Action, Adventure
    Favorite Game(s): Tomb Raider (series), Resident Evil (series), Tony Hawk Pro Skater (series), Madden, Legend of Zelda, Pitfall II

  • Matt Paddock (Fridtjof)
    Software Editor
    Favorite Genre(s): Action, Adventure, RPG, Driving, RTS
    Favorite Game(s): Final Fantasy VII, Wipeout Fusion, Starcraft, Time Pilot, Final Fantasy Tactics

  • Josh Daniel (Ravebaby)

    Favorite Genre(s):
    Favorite Game(s):

  • Sara Earl (Cyn)
    Software Editor
    Favorite Genre(s): Dancing, Singing
    Favorite Game(s): DDR (series), Karaoke Revolution (Series)

  • R2-GV (GameVortex Staff)
    Staff Astromech
    Favorite Genre(s): Anything with a Sci Fi theme
    Favorite Game(s): Anything StarWars

  • Christin Deville (Fights with Fire)
    Software Editor
    Favorite Genre(s): RPG traditional, action, and tactical; Action/Adventure; Stealth Action; Quirky Simulation games
    Favorite Game(s): Panzer Dragoon Azel (Sega Saturn), The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (Nintendo 64), FFVIII (PS1), Resident Evil (Sega Saturn), Shadow of the Colossus (PS2),Capcom vs. SNK (1 and 2 on Dreamcast), Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (Nintendo DS), Ecco The Dolphin (Dreamcast), Dragon Lord (Amiga ftw!!)

  • Jan Daniel (Kambur O. Blythe)

    Favorite Genre(s): Card, Action, Arcade, Rhythm
    Favorite Game(s): Free Cell, Space Invaders, Karaoke Revolution

  • Jon Carlos (FenixDown)

    Favorite Genre(s): Action/Adventure, Platform, Puzzle, RPGs, Shooters
    Favorite Game(s): Final Fantasy VI (SNES), Chrono Trigger (SNES), Gears of War (X360), Okami (PS2), BioShock (X360), Lumines (PSP), Mass Effect (X360), Psychonauts (XBOX), Lost Odyssey (X360), Super Mario Galaxy (Wii), Metal Gear Series (PSX-PS3), Ninja Gaiden Sigma (PS3)

  • Ren Plummer (SS-54)

    Favorite Genre(s): Shooter, Action, Adventure, RPG, Action-Adventure , Stealth
    Favorite Game(s): Halo series, Gears of War series, Metal Gear Solid series, Kingdom Hearts series

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