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The Walking Dead: A New Frontier: Episode 2 - Ties That Bind: Part 2
Score: 90%
Publisher: Telltale Games
Developer: Telltale Games
Media: Download/1
Players: 1; 2 - 12 (Crowd Play)
Genre: Adventure/Action/Survival Horror

Previously on The Walking Dead: A New Frontier:

With the exception of a small flashback to Javier's time before the apocalypse, The Walking Dead: A New Frontier: Episode 2 - Ties That Bind: Part 2 starts off right where Part 1 ended, with Javier and his new friends fending off an opposing force while trying to keep his family alive.

While you had a choice as to who you wanted to take you back to the junkyard, it doesn't seem like which citizen of Prescott you chose has any real bearing on how this particular fight plays out. Javier will make it back to Prescott and you will have royally angered the group you were fighting. There is just no way around it, but in Ties That Bind: Part 2, Javier will have to deal with the consequences of this fight.


For one, The Walking Dead: A New Frontier: Episode 2 - Ties That Bind: Part 2 will find Prescott under siege by members of the same group you fought. Clementine identifies them as New Frontier and that she has some history with them. It's clear that she is not a fan, and when the New Frontier members see Clem, we learn that the feeling is apparently mutual.

At the gates of Prescott, Javier's family, Clem and the citizens of the settlement are forced to deal with New Frontier who claim that Javier's group fired the first shots at the junkyard and demand that Prescott turn Javier over for punishment. Needless to say, the negotiations are tricky, especially when the New Frontier reveals that they have a hostage. How will you, as Javier, talk your way out of this situation? Will you give yourself up to New Frontier to save Prescott or will you take a stand against the other group?

To Richmond:

After the events around Prescott's gates, The Walking Dead: A New Frontier: Episode 2 - Ties That Bind: Part 2 finds Javier and friends in a difficult situation, one that means someone close to Javier needs medical attention.

There is word of a settlement not far from Prescott called Richmond, and rumor has it, they have the necessary medical facilities to care for the wounded. It's time for Javier to lead his family, Clem and some Prescott members to Richmond. Along the way, we will not only get another glimpse of Clementine's story since last season, but we will also learn some more about her history with the New Frontier.

The group also comes across a new character, well, new to The Walking Dead games. Fans of either the comics or the show will recognize him as soon as he appears, and while those that know this character from other media might immediately trust this character, will you let Javier trust him?

Next Time on The Walking Dead: A New Frontier:

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier: Episode 2 - Ties That Bind: Part 2 ends with a surprising reveal when the group finally makes it to Richmond, even more so when they learn that the New Frontier seems to have established a presence in Richmond. It will be interesting to see what Episode 3 - Above the Law does with the choices you and Javier have made in light of this new information, especially since you were forced to make a decision based on what Clementine told you about her history with the group.

The fact that Ties That Bind: Part 2 is so closely connected to Part 1 really helps strengthen this second episode a lot. Having both episodes released at the same time means that the momentum started in Part 1 continues to grow in this episode, and when you hit the brick wall of a revelation that comes at the gates of Richmond, it leaves you wanting more. Where past Telltale games have experienced some slow starts as the characters get defined and the story starts to build, having Ties The Bind be a two-part episode really helps to get the story moving faster than other Telltale games. Kudos to the development team for making this decision.

-J.R. Nip, GameVortex Communications
AKA Chris Meyer

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