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Tropico 5: The Big Cheese
Score: 88%
Publisher: Kalypso Media
Developer: Haemimont Games
Media: Download/1
Players: 1 (1 - 4 Online Multiplayer)
Genre: God Games/Simulation/Strategy

All Hail The Big Cheese:

What do the Swiss call Swiss Cheese? Cheese, of course! You may declare yourself to be an independent nation... you may achieve the recognition of other countries, but if you truly hope to achieve recognition, you must define your nation... in Cheese.

Tropico 5: The Big Cheese gives you the opportunity to do just that. This DLC for Tropico 5 adds a new scenario called "The Big Cheese." In this scenario, you have to research, create and sell a unique, exotic cheese befitting the glorious island of Tropico... all while answering to the whim of the crown. That's right, in this scenario, you'll want to keep focused on your quest for your fromage formula, since you won't get the opportunity to declare your independence, regardless of how high your approval rating goes. This scenario features some amusing tasks, voiced by the same voice actors as the original game, so expect some new amusing Pentultimo dialogue.

Be The Dairy King:

Ah, the Creamery. Can you hope to make cheese without a creamery? Well, sí, but only in tiny, little, muy pequeño batches. No, if you want to produce only the finest quality artisan cheese in mass quantities to sell to the ends of the Earth, you need a building devoted to the quest for queso. You need... the Creamery.

The Creamery is absolutely a pivotal requirement for the "Big Cheese" scenario, but with this DLC, it is also available for use in the other game modes, so you can use it as an important part of your trade empire.

What Else is Included:

Other goodies included in "The Big Cheese" DLC include a new map called "Arco Iris Beneditas," for use in Sandbox mode and a new music track entitled "Amiga," by the Eclecto-Hijinx Orchestra. The island is quite beautiful, with translucent pools, waterfalls and rainbows - this could be the perfect island to attract tourists, no? The song, Amiga, fits in well with the game, and helps to reduce the chance of getting bored by the music, by increasing the musical repertoire by one more song.

A Fitting Hat:

I was hoping for a new Cheesy outfit, but the only clothing for your dynasty avatar included in "The Big Cheese" is The Chef's Hat. It's a cool hat, but I would have preferred to also have a matching Chef's outfit with apron. It's not a huge loss, however, as the Casual Suit fits the bill pretty well.

Just Add Cheese:

The question, in the end, when evaluating DLC is always whether or not the DLC is worth the money. You're not getting a lot of dynasty accessories here, but you do get the Chef's Hat. You get an interesting Scenario, but it's just the one scenario. The newly added song, "Amiga," is fun and fits the game, but it's just one song. The new island for use in the Sandbox mode is a nice addition, and is a beautiful isle, but again, it's just one island. And, of course, the biggest thing is the new building: the Creamery. By my count, that's five things: building, hat, song, island and scenario. While all of these are enjoyable, that's not a lot packed into this DLC, all things considered. However, you have to weigh the contents with the price - in this case, four dollars. That's about half the price of a can of Kraft Easy Cheese spray cheese and, while both can be lots of fun, in my experience the DLC will last a whole lot longer.

-Geck0, GameVortex Communications
AKA Robert Perkins

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