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The Walking Dead: Season 2: Episode 3 - In Harm's Way
Score: 95%
Publisher: Telltale Games
Developer: Telltale Games
Media: Download/1
Players: 1
Genre: Survival Horror/Puzzle/Adventure

Previously on The Walking Dead::

[Spoiler Alert: While this review is meant to keep the story relatively generic in nature, elements of the game are discussed below. I highly suggest that if you have an interest in The Walking Dead, you should just pick up and play from the beginning of Season 1 prior to getting into the details below.]

Leading up to this episode, Clementineís group met up with a second group in a ski lodge during A House Divided, where they were welcomed at first with hostility, but then with an embrace thanks to a character from Clemís past resurfacing. When she sees Kenny, there is immediate disbelief, but this becomes the glue between the two groups, and they quickly join forces when trouble approaches.

Near the end of the episode, we see Bonnie scouting the ski lodge in search for the group, although when confronted, she plays it off and accepts the food given to her to help with her group that she insists on returning to. Bonnie resurfaces later, however, with the main groupís nemesis, who we learn really was William ("Bill") Carver. Carver is looking for Rebecca, whom he believes to be carrying his baby. Rage-filled and pissed off at disobedience, Carver goes on a rampage that has the potential to change everyoneís lives after Kenny tries to save his friends by picking off one of Carverís men. Immediately, we see that Carverís intentions are not only dishonorable, but horrificÖ

In Harmís Way:

After being overtaken by Carver and his gang, we rejoin Clementine and her newly merged group as they are being taken away in a truck. Similar to the previous episode, Clem will have to choose to side with her old (and more known) acquaintance Kenny, or agree with the rest of the new group. This wonít be the last time either as it seems to be a common theme throughout The Walking Dead: Season 2: Episode 3 Ė In Harmís Way of pitting sides against each other.

Upon arriving at their destination, it is learned that Carver has a stronghold set up where he is trying to establish civilization. Anyone familiar with the storyline of the TV series of the same name can immediately make the correlation between Carver and The Governor, and the situation and characterís attitude look to be very similar as well. It doesnít take long for us to find out why we are In Harmís Way as the group gives a bit more backstory on how they previously escaped from what they referred to as Carverís prison.

It is quickly shown that armed guards keep the group in line, and through a newly acquired character named Reggie, we see that Carver is absolutely maniacal. With only one arm remaining since the groupís first escape attempt, Reggie fills in some of the gaps, but more importantly, gives the group mentality perspective from the base camp residents on how this setup isnít so bad. Still, Clem and the rest of the group drive the story further by trying to figure another way out, keeping in mind that Luke is still on the outside. Through a lot of sneaking around, Clementine is able to work her way through the facility and gain important intel, as well as a walkie-talkie radio that the group plans to smuggle out to Luke.

One of the things I liked most about The Walking Dead: Season 2: Episode 3 Ė In Harmís Way as opposed to some others is that the storylines from past episodes (including Season 1) seem to get a bit more intertwined. This isnít only because of new or recurring characters coming about, but more about how we really get to see how past experiences with Clementine and other characters subtly begin to show through dialogue and actions. Additionally, during this time in "prison," we get to see some of the characters re-emerge from 400 Days, if you had gone through and played it during the gap between the end of Season 1 and the start of All That Remains. If you didnít, the game will simulate the characters in, but if you did, some of the characters in the facility will be determined by who decided to go with Tavia at the epilogue of 400 Days.

Next Time on The Walking Dead:

After taking down the facility in their next escape attempt, the group had to endure "smearing" of lurker guts onto themselves in an attempt to get through an approaching herd. However, all didnít go well and the group must then regroup with the dynamics once again adjusted. Depending on the actions taken during In Harmís Way, you may find out certain bits leading toward a possibly missing Sarah. Rebecca also hints toward maybe going into labor soon, and once again the group is still waiting on Luke to return and help out.

Admittedly, topping some of the developments that have happened over the last couple of episodes will be tough, but the preview of whatís to come shows a glimmer of hope. No matter what, if you enjoy the series, you should do yourself a favor and pick it up in full. After all, who know what will happen next time, on The Walking DeadÖ

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